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22.11.2020 - 10:15
New Game Starting Now

Pax Romanus XVI Release.4


1. Game Changes and Enhancements:

Based on an overwhelming response to the poll, the startup funds for PR XVI will be changed from $50,000 to $10,000. Thanks to all of you who participated in the survey. Here are some of the other changes that have been made:

• Heavy Cavalry units have been removed. They will be replaced with other comparable units in upcoming games.
• The Archer unit, Naval Transport and Trireme have all had their movement allowance increased.
• Khmer Warriors have been added to the IndoChina territories.
• Berserker units have been added to the Scandinavian territories.

2. Errors and Inconsistencies:

If you run into an error or inconsistency in the game, please send me a message specifying the error, what game it is and a brief description of the error. I will make every effort to correct it.

3. Turn One (1) Protocol:

Please do not move units outside of your home country on turn one (1). Player's who move units outside of their home country on turn one (1) will be required to either forfeit a turn or the game. Repeat violations will result in the player not being invited to future games.

4. Other Stuff:

• Game invitations will only be sent to players who are active participants in Pax Romanus XVI games.
• If you wish to be added to the player list, send me a request.
• If you wish to be removed from the player list, send me a request. You will be permanently removed.
• Players who are removed from the player list will not receive an invitation to future games.

Good luck to all...

Commodus, Game Admin
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