= = = EDITION 15: May 6th, 2018 = = =

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Weekly Protocoin Drops
Section 2: Map Review: Memories From the Past - Prospects for the Future?
Section 3: SP - What is it good for?
Section 4: Clan War Report
Section 5: 5k Tournament Announcement

"A lie is just a great story someone ruined with the truth"

~ Barney Stinson

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Hi everyone,

Good news! We have released the following updates for the map editor (both live and test servers):

  • Mini map is now shown in editor
  • Default small image in map settings
  • Fixed non-clickable copy & pasted areas
  • Label position now defaults to 'Auto' when creating new countries

In additional to the above, please make sure to check out the new scenario editor on the test server. We are making huge progress with it and are confident that there will be a beta release shortly!


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- - EDITION 14: APRIL 22, 2018 - -

Table of Contents:
Section 1: Interview with Clovis
Section 2: Moderator of the Year
Section 3: Satire and Gossip
Section 4: 5k Tournament

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take" ~ Wayne Gretzky

Interview with Clovis
This week, Sascha interviewed Clovis, giving players a behind the scene look at the future of atWar.

Question #1: Are there going to be strategy changes in the future? If so, when?

Clovis: Not very likely. I don't think that Amok will do it. Ivan would probably do it again if he sees a lot of support, which is also my stance.

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Ladies and gentlemen, the day has finally arrived when we can release the HTML5 map editor into the wild! From this day on, all new maps should be made and edited in the new editor, with the old Silverlight editor reserved only for editing old maps - until we satisfied that the new editor is safe and won't ruin hours of your painstaking work.

So, to reiterate:
- Starting from this day, you can only use the HTML5 editor to create new maps
- All maps created in the HTML5 editor can only be edited there
- Maps created in the Silverlight editor can only be edited there for now, until we deem it safe to completely switch to the HTML5 editor and finally kill off the SL one
- Scenario editor should follow shortly, first on the test server and then on live

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You've probably seen that coming. Clovis has been extremely helpful with the development in the past few months, and we'd like to officially include him in our team.
It would also be good to have a more active admin around

Cheers for Clovis!

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Hello and welcome our first update to the Map Editor Alpha!
We've been working hard on eliminating the most annoying and game-stopping bugs and here is a list of things we've done so far:

  • You can now add and save new units
  • Improved background image upload performance
  • Fixed map borders not being displayed when starting a game
  • Fixed border thickness affecting the map background when hovering over a country while saving a map
  • A friendly message is now shown when saving the map background

As always, we highly appreciate your feedback and testing, so please give it a go and let us know of your discoveries.
More details on the Alpha Release can be found here

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Hi everyone!

Today we are announcing something that some of you, quite rightly, thought will never ever be released.
It is the Alpha Version of atWar Map Editor!
Available here: https://atwar-game-test.com

Yep, that's right, better late than never, as the saying goes .
This is just the initial public release and over the coming weeks/months we aim to polish it and make it in every possible way better than the current Silverlight Editor. And to achieve this, we are asking for your help. Please go ahead and give it a good test, see if there is anything that is not working, buggy, or just plain wrong and log your findings in the new atWar testing forum. There is also a forum for general testing discussion, where you can leave your feedback and discuss the new editor.

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More good news, everyone! It's been a while since atWar had any new content, so today we'd like to introduce an idea for a new type of unit - buildings! There are two crucial differences from regular units: they can't move (duh!) and you cannot build more than one of the same kind in one city. Here are the buildings we have for starters:

  • Recruitment Center: gives the city 3 extra reinforcements per week
  • Forifications: +1 defence to all city troops (similar to General)
  • Radar Array: 150 view range, helps to see what your neighbours are doing and catch stealth units
  • Anti-air Defences: 20 defence against air units
  • Coastal Battery: 20 defence against naval units (former rare unit)
  • Bank: -10 upkeep for every unit in the city NEW

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    The atWar dev team is now 50% larger - and no, not because me and Amok have been eating double portions. Clovis is now working with us to bring about some long-awaited improvements. Priority number one is, as always, to finish the map editor. In fact, we won't be able to release anything else before that, because of the deeply embedded changes in the code. After that, it's on to fixing the known bugs. Things are now definitely moving, slowly but surely - so big cheers for Clovis!

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    Greetings atWar,
    I contacted Ivan today about the possibility of making an official Discord chat for atWar. There were many reasons for this, as I will sum them up for you here:

    ●There's roles on Discord. On the atWar discord we have the roles: Admin, Moderator, Supporter and Premium. You get your desired role based on your rank in-game
    ●Instead of holding meetings now on Skype (where not everyone has an account there) we can now hold meetings on Discord, which will be more easy and accessible for everyone
    ●You can use voice chat on Discord and discuss off topic subjects

    I'm aware there are already made atWar Discords, which is fine, it's just to announce that this will be the official Discord server for atWar.

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    - - EDITION 13: NOVEMBER 26, 2017 - -

    Table of Contents:
    Section 1: New Updates
    Section 2: Sun Tzu Demoted
    Section 3: New Moderators
    Section 4: Season Ending
    "Read what your heart desires" - Someone

    New Updates
    Amok and Ivan have fulfilled their promise of being active administrators after a week of chaotic DDoS attacks a month ago. Amok has rolled in a lot of new updates to the game, such as fixing the Silverlight Map Editor, a brand new test server for testing purposes, anyone can test on this server. Three new languages have also been added to atWar: Swedish (Sweden, yes!), Slovak and Farsi. You can also now earn money by inviting people to atWar - you've read that correctly. Ivan has introduced a wonderful referral program, you can earn 25% commission from whatever they spend on the game, or 30% after you get over $100. For more information on these updates, make sure to check the 'News' tab.

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