Hello guys! Estus here.

Finally, we gathered the results of the intense votes to choose Player and Moderator of the year 2020. I am pleased to announce the winners:

❯❯ Player of the Year 2020 (community choice): ESTUS won with 54% of the votes!
❯❯ Player of the Year 2020 (moderators' choice): ESTUS won with 60% of the votes!

❯❯ Moderator of the Year 2020 (community choice): CROAT won with 66% of the votes!
❯❯ Moderator of the Year 2020 (moderators' choice): CROAT won with 67% of the votes!

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Happy New Year! And congratulations to Mesopotamia for winning last month's lottery!

This month the jackpot has increased to 10000 ProtoCoins, and 2 winning tickets will be chosen! The jackpot will be divided evenly between each winning ticket. So that's a guaranteed 5000 to each winning ticket -- enough for Lifetime Premium, or whatever you want!

Tickets are:
1 ticket - 150 ProtoCoins
3 tickets - 350 ProtoCoins
5 tickets - 500 ProtoCoins

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Congrats to The Witch-King and edusigo the two lucky winners of last month's lottery!

Announcing a new FLASH LOTTERY! You'll need to hurry, there's a short amount of time to get in on this. Here's how it works:

The jackpot is 5000 ProtoCoins, which will go to 1 lucky winner. That's enough for Lifetime Premium, or whatever you want! The winner will be chosen on December 31, 2020, at 10pm U.S. Central time.

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Our Christmas / End-of-year sale is on now -- premium subscriptions are discounted 33% off! Check it out on the Premium page.

Hey everybody, it's that time again... Santa is back on the World Map, delivering destruction (and ProtoCoins) for the holidays!

How does this work, you ask?

Well, find the Santa Claus unit, follow the instructions below, and get 300 ProtoCoins! Here's what you need to do:

1) Find the Santa Claus unit (you must own it, not belonging to another player)
2) Take a screenshot
3) Post the screenshot and game link here on this thread
4) ProtoCoins will be added to your account once I verify! (Limit 1 time per player.)

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The Game Meta team has created 2 new strategies, which I can now announce are available for a limited time: Aerial Defender and Covert Operations.

Aerial Defender enables Advanced Air Defense Units ("Air Mechs") at the cost of weaker Conventional Units. Air Mechs are basically airborne versions of the "Mech" rare unit you already know.

Covert Operations is Ground Stealth with advanced defense at the cost of weaker Main Attack unit.

Master of Stealth buff

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= = = #25 EDITION: December 15th, 2020 = = =

Table of Contents
Section 1: Latest updates review
Section 2: Hearts of Iron tournament
Section 3: Sneak peak: new Strategies
Section 4: Interview with DireWarlord99
Section 5: Want to get involved?

The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting -- Sun Tzu.

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Our annual Christmas sale is on now. Get 33% off Premium subscriptions (including Lifetime) here ==> https://atwar-game.com/premium/

I started the sale a bit earlier this year. It goes until December 31st.

If anyone wants to purchase with BTC or LTC just contact us and we'll give you the address to send to.

Also don't forget this is a Double SP Week until December 16th. That means you get 2x the normal SP on all games, which also means 2x the ProtoCoins you earn for each game.

Stay tuned for more updates and events coming up during the holiday season.


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UPDATE -- the server restart is now done. The games were reset as expected, but the good news is we won't have to deal with this particular problem again. Thank you for your understanding.

Original post:

So last night's server restart ended up nuking all open games (see https://atwar-game.com/news/news.php?news_id=313).

The bad news is, it's going to happen one more time.

I figured out why it happened, and I have a fix for it. But in order to put the fix in place, I have to restart the server again, and as soon as I do that all the open games will get nuked again. It's a catch-22 that can't be avoided.

It's already a ticking time-bomb... the very next time the server restarts, or crashes for any reason, all the existing games will be gone. There's nothing I can do about it, all the games open now are already bugged, it just hasn't blown up yet.

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I have some bad news. During this evening's server restart, something went wrong and, unfortunately, all casual games were lost. I am very sorry, but I am unable to retrieve them.

I'm not sure what went wrong. It was a routine procedure... I restarted the server to deploy some updates, exactly as I have done many times before. This has never caused any problems before. But this time, for whatever unknown reason, the system randomly decided to nuke every game that was open.

Anyway, ultimately it's my fault since I'm the one who pulled the trigger. I'm sorry.

By way of apology I've done the following:
  • Double SP Week is in effect starting now, through December 16th. All games started during this week will earn 2x the normal amount of SPs and PCs.
  • All users who came online anytime within the last 7 days have been given 200 ProtoCoins.
  • All users who came online anytime within the last 7 days have been given 1 week of full Premium features (if they didn't have it already).

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