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26.11.2020 - 12:31
New Game Starting Now

World at War XX Release.3


1. Game Upgrades and Enhancements:

Here are some of the upgrades and enhancements for this release:

• South African States (SAS) have been added as a new player group. That makes 16 in total.
• PBY Catelina Search Plane has been added to the USA.
• F1M Reconn Plane has been added to Japan (JPN).
• Light Cruiser has been added to Canada (CDA) and the South African States (SAS).
• Soviet Guards Infantry (USSR) has been added to the USSR.

• All Heavy Infantry units have been renamed Infantry.
• German (GER) Motorized Infantry has been renamed Panzer Grenadier.
• Soviet (USSR) Infantry attack and defence strength has been downgraded.
• Battleship movement allowance has been upgraded.
• Heavy Cruiser attack strength and movement allowance has been upgraded.
• Escort Destroyer defence strength has been upgraded.

2. Known Bugs:

If you run into an error or inconsistency in the game, please send me a message specifying the error. In the good news category, the known error which restricted naval and ground movement in and around Malaysa has been fixed. You will find a noticeable improvement in game play. Thanks to Eridans for raising this as an error and to Dave for fixing it.

3. Turn One (1) Protocol:

Please do not move units outside of your home country on turn one (1). Player's who move units outside of their home country on turn one (1) will be required to either forfeit a turn or the game. Repeat violations will result in the player not being invited to future games.

Good luck to all...

Commodus, Founding Leader, Niki
Niki, the coalition of choice for casual gamers...

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