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19.11.2020 - 05:55
 Croat (Valvoja)
I want to step out in this way and apologize to Tempest for saying publically that he is 'so annoying, boring and dumb' and that he should 'shut his annoying mouth up' , after the atmosphere in CW room went a bit hot due to several CW remake attempts between two coalitions.
I didn't talk in a proper way, I didn't pick proper words and, as a Moderator, I am aware I shouldn't have said such things publically, in such tone.

I know those words cannot be justified, but I want to say that nothing of that was any kind of personal to Tempest, he probably already knows it.
It was just result of stadnard 'electricity' and passion on CW scene which for a moment took me into fallacy that I can be a bit more 'free' in conversation and pick such words in affect. I was wrong and I am aware of it.

Once again, my sorry to Tempest and opponent coalition. I'm human as all of you, mistakes happen.

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