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10.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä Destoria Names
Eagle port - Don slave, Mauz slave and Laki slave
09.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä [DENIED] Perma Banned (Helly)
Helly believes its okay to act the way he does because, as he likes to point out, "in the United States we have freedom of speech". Well, in the United States, businesses also have something called "we reserve the right to refuse service to anyone". As the owner of atWar, I'm free to exercise my right to refuse service to anyone I want. And I will definitely refuse service to someone who treats me like Helly has.

There is a long history with Helly. He's insulted me personally, telling me I don't know what I'm doing as a programmer and offering to pay for someone who could supposedly do a better job (seriously). Apparently in his zero-social skills brain he thought he was helping and couldn't imagine why I was offended. Anyway I didn't ban him for that, I just chose to ignore him.

Some time later I hosted an AMA in the forums. When I didn't answer Helly's questions, he tried to hijack the thread and went on a tantrum for being ignored. We banned him for a short period of time.

After that he comes back and is quiet for a week or two. I made a post about atWar having a record traffic day, and instead of celebrating some good news, Helly decides to turn it into a racist rant. I delete his posts and forum mute him. He responds by PM'ing me more insults and threats.

I could cite many other examples of his cringey, backstabbing, dumbass behavior, but I'd rather not waste any more time on this guy. The bottom line is, Helly is not very bright. He picks fights with the wrong people, over stupid stuff, never apologizes for anything, and somehow thinks we owe him yet another chance? The answer is no.

09.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä [DENIED] Perma Banned (Helly)
I sent Dave a message about this. I wouldn't be too hopeful given your bitterness is tangible.
3 days left for 1st round matches
Inactive players will be replaced
07.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä BW from the future
Why are the numbers so big? What is the U?
Bracket is up
Messages have been sent
You have 5 days to complete the match, otherwise I'll put reserves
Once the match is done post the SS of your strategy, otherwise the victory doesnt count, GL
06.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä Froyer "rewaller" poulette
90 day forum ban.
04.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä CW Official Rules
I've removed this rule as we've fixed it in the code:

No leaving early (turn 2) to avoid a loss.
04.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä Two new clan war updates

Today we've released two new changes that are of interest for all the active coalitions:

1. It is now possible to start clan wars with 2 players of each coalition (or less).
2. Leaving on Turn 2 now counts as a loss to the clan that left.

04.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä Why I hate don?
Its not nice making fun of people with disabilities....
03.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä Why I hate don?
Fair rolls.
Looks like you broke our previous deal, so you won't be getting unbanned in 3 days as we spoke. But I can lower it to 7 days starting now, as long as you don't create any alt account.
Kirjoittanut Laochra, 26.04.2020 at 16:50


for the new sections.

Regarding the TB formula, this thread might be the most useful: https://atwar-game.com/forum/topic.php?topic_id=28465. The key is Ivan's explanation about how the movement priorities work.

Regarding interception and the stack theory - I actually made a research month before WD. Please take a look as it includes some missing pieces: https://atwar-game.com/forum/topic.php?topic_id=29233. There're some tricks that I have in mind mostly involving merging units outside cities like, how to attack if you're not TBED, but stop your attack (including gen from going solo) if any of your stacks get tbed. Those are great ways to work around the probabilities.
03.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä atWar Record Book
I've retrieved the information from the database to be more accurate, and here're the final scores:

Lifetime top 10:

Seasonal top 10:

The results are somewhat shocking to my experience, nonetheless correct. I'll let you guys discuss them, and will update the record book shortly.
03.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä atWar Record Book
Added Illy's seasonal ELO peak 1235.9, putting them in 3rd place (previous was EC with 1231.7)
02.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä Looking for investors
I know you guys will probably troll this post in about 5 seconds, but for the actually serious people out there I thought I would share this.

Essentially, I'm searching for investors to expand my business and, in return, generate solid profit for the both of us.

What my business does

My business creates apps and software products, and we make money by selling licenses or subscriptions. I own a mix of products -- ones I created myself, and ones I bought from others. I buy products in the $10K-100K range that show at least some profit and have the potential for more, if properly managed.

The first product I acquired was in 2016... I have developed, marketed, and managed it for 4 years now. It has been profitable every year, and the ROI last year was 67%.

My 2nd acquisition is a collection of related products bought in stages... I began buying them in 2018, and made follow-on purchases throughout 2019 and 2020. My ROI so far is 37%, but this is not fully representative since I don't have 1 full year of profit history yet for the purchases made in 2019-2020. I estimate the ROI next year will be 62%, once I have a full year of profit recorded.

atWar is the 3rd product I've acquired, if you want to count it as such. Frankly as a business it's a "fixer-upper", and the ROI is low. I think atWar has a lot of potential and *could* be a very profitable business someday, but there's a ton of work that needs to be done and there are still a lot of unknowns. I bought atWar not really as a business decision but mostly because it interests me personally, so it's debatable if I should even include it here.

Anyway, my goal in business is to build solid, recurring revenue. I'm NOT looking to be the next Google or Facebook or Uber. Millions of dollars are thrown around in Silicon Valley looking for the next moonshot, and most of them fail. If that's what you want, you might as well play the lottery. I'm interested in building stable, sustainable income, and achieving returns that are far better than any bank or mutual fund investment you're likely to find.

What I propose to do

I want to buy more apps/software. We are at a moment in time that's such a great time to make some acquisitions, and I hate to let the opportunity pass us by. That's where you, the investor comes in.

Let's say we pick a business that can be acquired anywhere in the $10K-$100K price range. I research, do due diligence, filter out the bad apples, until I find the good ones. We agree on the target we want to acquire, and then you invest the money to buy it. My team and I will develop the product to its potential, market it, and run the day-to-day business side of things. You don't have to do anything else, and we make a fair split of the profit.

If you've ever wanted to invest in tech but don't want to deal with all the headaches, this would be a perfect opportunity for you. If you know my personality at all, you know I'm passionate about what I do. So I'll deal with the headaches, and I'll go to war with anyone who stands in the way of achieving our goal, so you don't have to.


Like all business, there is no guarantee of success. As they say in investment disclaimers... past success does not guarantee future results. It is possible to lose money. All I can do is tell you what I do, what my history is, and what numbers I've produced, and it's up to you to decide if the risk/reward is worth it to you.

The reason I am confident is because of my personal track record. I started this business in 2013, and made my first acquisition in 2016. That's 7 years of developing my own software, plus 4 years working with acquired products. Overall my business revenue grew 33% in 2019, compared to the year before. Already I expect 2020 will grow at the same pace or more.

With whomever I may end up doing business with, all financial and legal considerations will be structured appropriately to protect both your rights and mine.

If you are interested in discussing in further details (and are serious about investing), message me and let's have a chat sometime.

If you know someone else who may be interested, please help by passing the word.

P.S. I'm also open to debt financing. If someone would prefer to structure it as a loan rather than in investment, I'd like to talk about it.

Best regards,
02.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä [atWar] Sad Screenshots
Kirjoittanut buck22, 01.05.2020 at 16:08

always turn off buildings

01.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä Quick laugh thread
Next time I will be speaking to you, I will be doing so from the position of admin, owner and CEO.

Whoever laughs last, laughs best.


Dear Unleashed,

Since bonk is inactive, and this was my favorite tournament I decided to take it over and host it again

Next Multi Skill tournament. Rank 6+

For those that do not know, you will be given a Random Country and Strategy by dice roll and have to play as this for the next match. 10K Extra Cities. WINNER, runner up and 3rd place receive trophies.

This tournament will be for 16 players double knockout challonge generated brackets
Players will have 7 days to play each game.
Reserves will be used for 1st round non players

Please only join if you intend to play

Possible Countries Roll

1. France
2. Spain
3. Poland
4. Austria
5. Turkey
6. United Kingdom
7. Ukraine
8. Greece
9. Sweden
10. Germany
11. Italy
12. Russia Northwest

Possible Strategy Rolls

1. GW
2. PD
3. SM
4. IMP
5. IF
6. DS
8. MoS
9. NC
10. GC
11. RA
12. LB

SO for example a 5,11 roll would mean you have to play as TURKEY with RELENTLESS ATTACK

1. Eagle
2. Croat
4. Zoella
5. Acquiesce
6. PleaseMe
7. Same
8. Palmitas
9. Nutt
10. Xenosapien
11. Rocky
12. Xenomega
13. Dopey1122
14. Freeman
15. Dave_alt
16. Laochra
17, Tchetnik
18. Apocalypse
19. CheckMe Out
20. Roma Invicta
21. Focused Karlo13
22. 4nic
23. G.R.O.M
24. Pavle
25. Domo
26. BeSerok
27. Ghostface
28. Thrall
29. Froyer
30. Cold Case
31. Tengri
32. Pakistani Tiger

1. Anti Famorval
2. Niels
3. Dominoz
4. Tungston
5. Plato

01.05.2020 :ssa/:ssä Best Moderator/Admin
If Brian was still active, ez win. Sascha is next best.
30.04.2020 :ssa/:ssä Read this before posting here.
(Created by Pulse and edited by myself)

Hello gentlemen.

With the inclusion of the banlist, players now have the power to remove any player from any of his maps indefinitely. The potential for griefing is great on both sides, so I (Pulse) decided to create this thread to fix these issues. This is where you complain about being banned from a map without a reason or for something silly (i.e. refusing to allyend). When you appeal, the mapmaker will have to have a screenshot attached to the ban reason, otherwise the ban will be lifted.

Appeal Format

Use the format described below to appeal to be unbanned from a mapmaker's list. Any posts that do not follow the format described will be removed to keep this thread clean. In the title of the post, put your own name in brackets followed by the Map Maker's name and Banlist Appeal like: [Sid] Sascha Banlist Appeal , this is to make it easy for map makers to sort through and find appeals needing their attention.

Mapmaker: Type the name of the player who banned you between [user] tags. It will show it like this: Pulse
Reason for the ban: What was the reason you were banned
Reason for the appeal: why do you think you deserve to be unbanned

Guidelines to use the Ban List

  • You can ban anyone from your games for whatever reason you want.

  • To ban someone from your maps and scenarios you must provide proof. Always attach a screenshot to the reason of the ban. If you have no screenshot attached and an appeal is made, the player will be unbanned.

  • Do not ban someone from your maps and scenarios for personal reasons (i.e. he insulted you, called you ugly, stupid, or w/e; you don't like him, etc etc).

  • You can ban someone from your maps and scenarios if that person deliberately joined with the purpose of trolling, leaving early, wallfucking, griefing and/or with the intent of interfering with the other players' ability to enjoy the map or scenario; or if he broke a specific scenario rule for a second time (insulting the mapmaker is not a valid map or scenario rule; you can ban him from your games for that and report him to the mods);

  • You cannot ban someone from your maps or scenarios for things that happened in other players' maps or scenarios.

Things to Know / Rules when making an Appeal

  • Please do not post in any Appeal thread where you are not the player banned, mapmaker, player providing evidence or a moderator.

  • Decisions are final, do not post multiple Appeals without waiting atleast a year or you may be forum muted.

  • The decision to repeal whatever action against you is ultimately up to the Map Maker or a Moderator if the Map Maker is inactive or the evidence is insufficient / reasoning is incorrect.

  • Be respectful or your appeal will be denied.

Valid Ban Reasons

These reasons below are valid and the mods won't be able to interfere, it's up to the mapmaker to unban and this thread is not going to be helpful. These are not the only valid reasons. Situations may arise where a ban is valid and not present below. They will be dealt with case by case.

  • Started as country X and allied country Y when the rules stated they cannot ally, 2nd time (http://imgur.com/screenshothereetcetc)

  • Entered enemy country without authorization from UN when the rules state that authorization is needed, 2nd time (http://imgur.com/etcetc)

  • Latejoined as country X to specifically kill player Y (http://imgur.com/etcetc)

  • Wallfucked turn 1 (http://imgur.com/etcetc)

  • Joined the game and flamed everyone when they didn't do what he wanted (http://imgur.com/etcetc)

Not valid Ban Reasons

The following ban reasons will end up with them revoked either when an appeal is submitted to this thread or at a mod's discretion.

  • Backstabed his allies: diplomacy is part of the game and taking advantage of that is not against the rules

  • Insulted the mapmaker: in this case, screenshot and report to the mods.

  • Insulted my religion: same thing as above, screenshot and report to the mods, this is not a valid reason to ban from your maps.

  • Lied about resources or tactics to gain unfair advantage: intel is also part of the game, using it to your advantage is not against the rules.

  • empty reason: you must provide a reason and proof, otherwise the ban will be lifted.

  • no screenshot attached: you must provide proof, otherwise the ban will be lifted

  • broke rule x: what is rule x and where is the screenshot?

  • being a toxic player: not a valid reason to ban from your maps; report to the moderation and we'll check if it warrants an intervention

I hope things are clearer now, both for mapmakers and for players. Rule of thumb for mapmakers is use common sense, the idea for the map may be yours, but the map belongs to the AW community and the access to it must be as open as possible. For players. don't be a dick and respect the map's rules. They provide a unique experience within the game and to achieve that sometimes arbitrary rules are needed.

Cheers guys.
29.04.2020 :ssa/:ssä CW Official Rules
I've removed Illyria from the Honor Code.

I've also cleared this thread from some unrelated posts. Bringing topics from the past does no well to anyone.
Denied, please take this seriously and not copy/paste from my example and actually answer the questions in your words.
29.04.2020 :ssa/:ssä Where is banlist appeal thread
Stay tuned, it'll return tonight. Well not that thread specifically...
29.04.2020 :ssa/:ssä Appeal Example

You've had several warnings and smaller mutes.
29.04.2020 :ssa/:ssä Appeal Example
If submitting from another account, what is the name of the original account: This is the account i'd like to appeal from

Moderator who took action against you: Sid

What was the action taken against you: Muted on global for 30 days

Reason for action taken against you: I was spamming global with things that weren't related to game advertisement.

Have you had warnings or prior actions taken against you for the same or similar offense: I was warned before, no previous mutes.

Why that action should be repealed/reduced: I am sorry for spamming, I didn't take the warning seriously and didn't really know it was against the rules. I promise I won't do it again.

Other comments: None
29.04.2020 :ssa/:ssä Please read this before posting.
Hello, we are now allowing players to publicly appeal their bans, mutes and other moderator actions taken against them. You still can appeal in private to mod who took action but this allows a more organized and transparent system for appeals to come forward.

Things to know / rules when making an appeal

  • Please use the format below or your appeal may be automatically denied.

  • If you just want to know how long a mute/ban is, pm any moderator.

  • Be respectful or your appeal will be denied.

  • Appeals are not a place to "send a message". They are a place to get your account unbanned/unmuted. Anyone abusing appeals for this reason will be automatically denied.

  • The decision to repeal whatever action against you is ultimately up to the Moderator who initiated it, an Admin, or if that moderator is inactive the rest of the mod team will decide.

  • All decisions are final, submitting multiple appeals may result in a forum mute or ban.

  • Do not post Appeals for bans/mutes that are less than 2 days long.

  • Appeals must be submitted by the person in question, others may not submit in your place. If you are banned or forum banned, you may make an alt account ONLY to submit an appeal. If you are IP banned, you are not permitted to go around your ban to appeal here, use discord to appeal.

  • Do not post in other appeal threads, they are strictly for the person appealing and moderators.

  • Only bans, mutes, forum mutes, disallowed from translating, banlist use bans and SP reductions are to be appealed here.

Appeal Format

  • If submitting from another account, what is the name of the original account: Type the name of the player between [user] tags. It will show it like this: Sid

  • Moderator who took action against you: If you don't know, that's fine, we can find out.

  • What was the action taken against you: If you just don't know how long you are muted/banned/etc just ask a Moderator instead of making a post.

  • Reason for action taken against you: Why were you banned/muted/etc?

  • Have you had warnings or prior actions taken against you for the same or similar offense: Do you have a history of breaking whatever rule you broke?

  • Why that action should be repealed/reduced: Plea your case.

  • Other comments: Do you have any other comments? This is optional.

If you have any questions regarding your appeal or how to submit it, please pm any moderator.
28.04.2020 :ssa/:ssä [atWar] Sad Screenshots

4nic rewalling
Many pro players missing on this list
How about preventing any wall from forming IF there's a battle close to it? Would prevent:
* Rewall (unless your units 'follow' the enemy units)
* Serb wall
* Wallspam101

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